While for some of us, high school feels like it was not so long ago, it's been quite a while since we've spent any quality time with the people that at one stage we could not live with one day, and then could not live without the next. 

We've all been busy living & have unique stories to tell. Hopefully you feel comfortable enough to share some of your personal information & experiences with us, by filling out as much or as little of your profile as you wish. Remember you can always log in to your profile & edit the information you have provided; And you can also get in contact with your classmates directly by sending private messages from their profile view.

If you have suggestions for questions to be added to the profile form please email

The page will remain open for a short while after the reunion so that if you want to, you can add more memories to your profile.

These profiles & the photo album, will be used to create a CHS Class of '97 Reunion - 2017 Year Book which will be available to purchase online. More details will be provided after the event.
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