Worried that you're not going to know anyone, or quietly having an axiety attack about anything & everything to do with a reunion? Well no need! Check out these friendly people that are going to make you feel welcomed when they see you!

Let your CHS classmates know you're going, share the website with them & tell them to book their tickets ASAP! Because you're not awesome unless you're on the list :-)

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Will .. (Jones)
Joy Howard
Evan Dawn
Harry Moloney
Aletha Moloney
Haven McAnally
Harmony McAnally
Jonathan Davis
Wayde Christie
Melissa Oakley (Awal)
Kirsty Anderson
Sandra Moore
Andrew Thompson
Adam Cause
Stacey Day
Simon Day
Chris Harris
Daniel Smith (+1: Wife)
Karen Futcher
Travis Du Sart
Fleur Waldron (Du Sart)
Thaya Evenden
Tamarra Howard (Moloney)
Daniel Albury
Ashton Albury
Giavannah Albury
Savannah Albury
Lisa Lambert (Albury)
Andrew Moore
Will Jones
Mel Reading (Keogh)
Grahame Paulson
Kate Latimer (Thompson)
Michelle Holbert (Butler)
Kelly COLEMAN (Gort)
Tristan Lane
Aleszandra Lynch
Brian Lynch
Kristi Bird
Casey McAnally
Kenneth Clarke
Karen Minett
Cassie Budden (Cause)
Ellen Ferrari (Ferrari-lynch)
Skye Dunbrack (Woodward)
Daniel Smith
Ingrid Silcock (Shaw)
Tianne Gosling (Buderus)
Jody Goodwin (Pavlou)
Vanessa McLean (McLean)
Jai Balcombe
Total 52 35