A long, long time ago, in a glaxy far, far away... cameras weren't a feature of a mobile phone. Mainly because the Nokia 3310 was still rocking our world & smart phones were something that not even Marty McFly had encountered on his travels.

But for those who managed to get their hands on a roll of 35mm film or a polaroid, if you have any any old photos that you would like to add to our albums please upload & submit them. Likewise, feel free to add current photos & anything relevant from the years in between. You know, past & present pics of yourself, or your classmates, or school events etc...not photos of your cat, or your latest meal.

The usual social media policies apply, so if you're planning on making this your moment to shine, try not to do it too inappropriately. Once they're submitted, they will be reviewed & approved, then published to the albums for everyone to have a look at, instead of stalking you on Facebook.

Upload multiple photos at a time by clicking on
+ Add Your Photos
or by dragging and dropping photos from your file system onto this page. Once your photos have been selected click on to begin the upload or to cancel.

Pictures that show up sideways need to be rotated offline and need to be uploaded again.